7 Reasons Why You Must Redesign Your Small Business Website

Feb 22 7 Reasons Why You Must Redesign Your Small Business Website

For a small business, a website can be the center of all operations, right from marketing to sales and from customer support to brand building. This is why most small businesses give a lot of importance to the quality of their website and it’s UX.

But many a time, despite this attention and emphasis on a highly satisfying user experience, websites are unable to deliver the kind of returns small businesses are looking for.

If you are a small business and experiencing this problem, take a cold, hard look at your website. Does it look outdated? Is the CMS or website technology old and clunky? Is your website conversion ratio going down? Does your website subscribe to designs that are well past their sell-by date? If the answers to these questions and more along the same lines are a YES, your website needs redesign.

Let’s take a look at seven good reasons why your website needs to undergo a revamp:


1. Results are Not Forthcoming

One of the core purposes of a website is converting visitors into leads or actual buyers. If that’s not happening on your website, your website’s design needs to be improved. A website that is unable to trigger conversions is as good as a website that is dead for all intents and purposes. You not only need to redesign such a website, but also make sure it meets all requirements of a conversion friendly website.

2. Rebranding

When you first built your website, you probably were targeting a different audience. For e.g. say you built a website some five years ago, and were targeting an audience in the age group between 35-45 years. You now have added the kind of products/services to your portfolio, which allow you to target a wider audience that includes individuals aged between 20-30 years. This calls for rebranding, which essentially means your website’s design also needs to be reimagined. You’ll need to identify web design elements that will help impress the demographic you want to target and make sure these are incorporated into your redesigned website.

3. Anachronistic

Your website needs redesign if it looks past its prime. If you are a habitual user of the internet, you’ll find there are some websites that look “fresher than others”; and you will spend more time on a site that has a trendy looking design, updated content (visual/otherwise) and which looks contemporary. You won’t spend a lot of time on a site that looks outdated.

One of the reasons why your website might not be attracting enough visitors or converting visitors into leads is that your website feels old. Its visuals seem like relics of a bygone era and the content appears “moth eaten” In such cases, visitors will prefer moving to websites that look and feel like they are ‘in with the times’.

4. Credibility

A website that looks old, smacks of a small business that is least bothered about its brand and how it comes across to its target audience. This eats away at the credibility of the brand. Visitors tend to ask themselves, “If a business is unconcerned about its website, it might show the same kind of indifference towards its customers”. As can be imagined, this sort of thinking leads to your potential customers choosing your competitors over your business. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure your website looks new and trendy. This can only happen if it is redesigned.

5. You’ve defined an Effective Content Strategy

Your website needs to be redesigned in tandem with your content marketing strategy. One of the integral components of this strategy is a website blog. If your website doesn’t have one, it needs to be incorporated immediately for experiencing the fruits of your content marketing campaign. What’s more, you’ll need to design your blog in a way such that your audience is able to access the articles it wants to read quickly and seamlessly. You also need to keep updating your website content at regular intervals as it can influence rankings.

6. Keep up with the Competition

If you find your competitors running away with a major chunk of target customers, it is time to worry. You need to conduct a thorough competitive analysis to find out the strengths of your competition and how you can compete with them. Through the course of this analysis, you might find out that some of your competitors have redesigned their website. If that’s the case, you need to find out for sure, whether this redesign is one of the reasons behind your own website’s loss of visitors.

You need to make plans for redesigning your site if you think it’s missing out on a few critical elements, impacting its ability to attract visitors and convert.

7. Your Site Just Doesn’t Work

There is a chance that in spite of your best efforts, your site is unable to capture the imagination of your target audience. While it may look good to your eyes, your target audience doesn’t think very highly of your site. This fact is proved by your website’s abandonment rates. And this scenario can occur even though your website is new. In this case, you’ll need to make the hard decision of going back to the drawing board again. Now, there is a chance you might not be able to put money into the redesign process so quickly, but a decision needs to be made. If not a complete revamp, make designing changes that are absolutely critical and after some time, take your website through a process of redesign.

These are just some of the many reasons why your small business website must be redesigned. As a small business, you cannot afford to let your competitors run away with your existing and potential customers. You need to be on your toes always, and a redesigned website is just one of the many ways, your business can stay ahead of its competitors.