About Us

We've been in the industry for years!

We help small businesses grow with affordable solutions

iWebbie is a company by AnnexCore aimed to provide affordable solutions to small businesses. We unfortunately had to turn away many small businesses at AnnexCore simply because they didn’t have the budget for a properly developed website. Coming from our background, we knew we had to do something to help out these small businesses that were struggling with their web presence. So that’s exactly how iWebbie was born. iWebbie’s goal is to provide affordable web development services to small businesses.

Many web development agencies move onto their next project as soon as your website is complete and don’t offer further support, leaving you completely lost! However with us, that’s just the first step, we provide ongoing support to make sure your website is well-maintained, secured, and up-to-date. We understand that businesses may change which is why we offer unlimited updates. We’re all about building trust – a long term relationship is very important to us!

Lean Mentality

One of our values is to stay lean with each solution we have to offer. This is why we like to be efficient with everything and save you your time and money as much as possible!


We like you to consider us your partner not your vendor because we work best when we work with you not for you. This synergistic approach creates a win-win situation!


Let's face it, there are agencies out there who over-promise and under-deliver. We are transparent with everything we do, from communication to workflow. You won't find any surprises with us!


Our experience in multiple technical solutions allows us to think outside the box and provide you the perfect strategy for your business.

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