Five Great Ways Your Website Can Boost Your Online Sales

Apr 20 Five Great Ways Your Website Can Boost Your Online Sales

A website is one of the best marketing tools a business can use and a good website helps generate brand awareness and reach out to a wider target audience. It is a business’s online representation that tries to capture the value, principles and objectives of the business. It’s a virtual business card that gives visitors specific details about different products and services. Additionally, it provides a number of opportunities for brand promotion and advertising at a reduced cost and helps to increase online sales.

Want to know how your website can increase online sales? Go through the following pointers to get a perspective.

1. Have a Clear Value Proposition

Have a Clear Value Proposition

A well-designed website that provides enhanced UX encourages better user engagement. But does it also influence sales? Probably not! This is because, before your target audience takes a call to action, they want to know what benefit your products or services bring to the table or what makes your business unique. This is value proposition and you should define it clearly on your website to boost sales.

The best value proposition addresses immediate, as well as, long-term requirements of your target user segment and can include – reduced costs, more convenience, greater ROI, better and/or faster results, improved efficiency etc. Therefore, emphasize the key benefits that are unique to your business or the products/services that you provide; keep on refining the same till you can convey it in a short sentence or two, and create a lasting impression even on the first time visitors to your website.

Also, make it a point to avoid technical jargon and keep the tone conversational to express the uniqueness of your brand to the target users. This will have an impact on them and compel them to buy from your website and not from your competitors.

2. Simplify the Buying Process

Simplify the Buying ProcessSource

Make it easy for your potential customers to buy from your website. In other words, see to it that they take a call to action with lesser number of clicks. There are many ways through which you can simplify the buying process. To begin with, use intuitive menus on your website, place the most important information above the fold, have a clutter free interface, make it easy for the visitors to scroll (parallax scrolling), introduce visual storytelling, place the search button where it is easily visible etc. These steps will make it easy for them to locate the products and services they are searching for on your site.

You can also simplify the buying process by not making them fill a lot of information; so give them less fields to fill up, provide a single step sign up process/subscription to newsletter etc. For instance, an eCommerce website that allows users to buy as a guest will drive more sales from first time visitors as compared to a website that requires compulsory registration to make a purchase.

3. Use High Quality Images and Videos for Products and Services

Use High Quality Images and Videos for Products and Services

No matter how specific you are about the features and benefits of your products and services, you need to use images and videos to support your claim. Think of a website that sells kitchenware of the highest quality but has blurred or low resolution images of the products.

Would you like to make a purchase based on the textual description of the product? The answer is no. Similarly, a website that offers professional wedding photography/videography services will fail to make an impact on potential customers without an impressive gallery or portfolio page having samples of their work.

Both these examples show that images and videos are powerful sales tools. These help potential customers get a better perspective about the USPs of products and services offered on your website and also support your value proposition.

Let us go through some quick tips to use images and videos effectively on your website:

  • Place high quality hero images or videos in the header with a prominent call to action button.
  • Use them to highlight an exclusive collection of your products to the users.
  • Give option to zoom in/zoom out, rotate and view the image of your products from different angles.
  • Show the video demonstration of your service(s).
  • Do not use stock photography and invest in unique photographs from professional photographers.

By using the right kind of images, you can easily persuade users to take the desired call to action on your website.

4. Go for Responsive Design

Go for Responsive Design

Over the past few years, there has been a seismic shift in buyer behavior. It started with eCommerce websites, with users making a purchase with their desktops and laptops. Today, the focus is on mCommerce owing to the steady growth of mobile technology and an increasing number of mobile users. According to the latest stats, there are over 3 billion unique mobile users in the world and a large number of them are your potential customers. You can reach out to these users by adopting a responsive design for your website.

Responsive websites give target audiences a seamless user experience and the best user interface, irrespective of the device they use. By creating such mobile-friendly websites, you encourage users to have a hassle-free browsing experience across all devices. This in turn allows them to take a purchase decision easily, thereby increasing your sales.

5. Gain the Trust of Your Target Audience

Gain the Trust of Your Target AudienceSource

Gaining the trust of your target audience is also an essential step if you want your online business to bring in maximum revenues. For this purpose, you can promote your brand on social media channels and connect with potential and existing customers in real-time, use excerpts from trusted sources where your products/services have been mentioned, place your high profile client’s logos on the home page, display video testimonials from a client, use case studies and whitepapers relevant to your niche etc. All these measures will help you establish your brand’s credibility online.

Once your target audience has faith in your brand and your business, they will not only buy from your website, but also recommend your products and services to others and increase your revenues.


These are some of the ways, which will help you see a steady increase in your online sales. If you too have something to add to the list or any other inputs on the topic, feel free to share them with us.