Four Perfect Reasons Why Your Website Content Should Be Provocative

Apr 30 Four Perfect Reasons Why Your Website Content Should Be Provocative

How does Apple fascinate and persuade us to part with our hard-earned money and trade in a perfectly fine iPhone 5 for an iPhone 6?

How have Axe perfumes and deodorants lured so many teenagers into buying their products for all these years?

How did Amazon ever persuade people to reading books on Kindle?

Have you ever wondered about any of these things?

Well, if you have, you would know the answer undoubtedly is their use of provocative content on your beautifully designed website.

Yes, you read it right.

We all know content is king, but provocative content is the ace. Content that is provocative, sensational or challenging can instantly draw traffic and throw the spotlight on your products and services.

Provocative content, whether in the form of text or images is the key to increasing your brand’s worth. Certainly, provocation is worth it. And just to make it clear, provocation here means classy and not tawdry.

You don’t believe it.

Wait. Take a look at these four perfect reasons that reinforce my point.

1. Attention Grabbing

First off, read this headline.

  • Five Grammar Tips Everyone Needs to Learn

Now, this one:

  • Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb

Honestly, which of these headlines tempted you to click on it?

Second one- right?

This is the one that earned the second glance. The word error makes you nervous, and nobody likes to be called dumb. Hence, it stands out. On the other hand, the first headline is nowhere near as compelling as the second one. In fact, it seems a little lackluster.

The same thing applies to website content.

Remember: Your banner headline is the first thing web visitors will look at on your landing page even before they look at an image. A good headline focuses on one big idea, usually your most important benefit. How about stuffing it with a few power words- provocative/challenging words? That will work wonders.

Moto 360’s banner headline is the perfect example that reinforces the point mentioned above:

Moto 360

2. Captures Interest and Ignites Emotion

You’ve probably heard you only have seven seconds to grab reader’s attention.

Seven seconds is all that you have, wherein a majority of readers decide whether or not your content is worth going through, based on the first few lines.

And it’s not even a conscious decision.

Readers don’t even read those initial lines two or three times, considering the content and deciding whether or not it’s relevant to them. They scan it and make their gut-level decision.

So, if you want them to read your content, you have to punch them in the gut.

All this while, you don’t have time to educate them, get them to think, or even help them create a new connection.

All you have time to do is trigger an emotion, provoke them.

Here’s a great example:


The visual content on rdio, the streaming music service immediately ignites emotion in you and its bold design and large, full-screen images hold your interest. They make you want to go through the website and know more about the brand.

3. Creates Greater Impact and Builds Brand Awareness

Provocative content has the power to come across strongly to your target audience. This form of content gets people talking.


This sort of content will help develop higher levels of relationship and engagement with your potential customers. Moreover, it will also help in building brand awareness. This way your brand can generate higher levels of authority, trust and respect from the target audience. And this in turn is undoubtedly going to influence the purchasing decisions of your potential customers.

With provocative content, the most important benefit is that the brand has a point of view, attitude, or persona and that comes through very strongly to the customer in everything the marketer does. This point of view is so well-defined that the customer can recognize it even when the brand logo isn’t present.

Take for example this brand:

Red Bull

You don’t need a lot of clues to know this drink is Red Bull. That is how well the brand has established itself in the market.

4. Establishes You as a Thought Leader

Coming up with provocative content on your website is a clear indication of the fact that you are confident and are an expert in your industry niche. Most importantly, you have the guts to come up with something highly striking yet something that makes sense at the same time. It shows you are unafraid and courageous. Once this is established in the market, people will listen to whatever you have to say and maybe even make their purchasing decisions based on your recommendations. But understand this is a long term process.

What’s more, this will set your brand apart from your competition.

Companies such as Moz, KISSmetrics and HubSpot have been incredibly successful at establishing themselves as thought leaders within their respective industries. They are truly inspirational.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that your site needs to be provocative enough to be memorable and encourage others to tell friends and colleagues, “You ought to visit this site”. Once this is done, this will surely generate leads and boost your sales.

Try going provocative with your website content and see what happens. You will be stunned at the difference. So go give it a shot and get yourself some traffic.