Integrating Emotive Appeal in Your Small Business Website – 5 Great Tips

Mar 23 Integrating Emotive Appeal in Your Small Business Website – 5 Great Tips

Maya Angelou, the great American author, singer, poet and dancer, who passed away last year once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

For a web designer, this means creating a website that triggers emotive appeal and builds a lasting bond with visitors. If your website’s design exudes emotional heft, it will be successful and steal a march over its competitors. But for that to happen, your website needs to exude emotions and this is absolutely critical for a small business website. It’s going to face competition from some of the big players in the niche (with their own well-designed websites).

How do you make sure it’s your small business website that visitors find worth visiting?

The answer lies in emotive appeal.

Let us look into 5 elements and how they’ll allow you to incorporate emotion into your web design.

1. Colors

Colors are central to our emotional existence.  They are everywhere, around us. Imagine life without colors?

Colors evoke an emotional response. Even science has proved over and over that they affect human emotions. Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Why does the red color excite or make you feel energetic?
  • Why does the green color soothe you?
  • Why does light yellow make you feel happy and optimistic?

Yes, red represents fire/passion; green represents tranquility; yellow is sunshine and so on and so forth. That’s true. But the real answer is these colors have been buried in our psyche ever since the first man walked this earth. They connect with us at a subconscious level, and influence our very existence.

So as a web designer, you ought to know the perfect color combination to influence your targeted audience in a positive way.

Let’s look at a few websites and understand how well they have used colors to attract and communicate with visitors.



Tripadvisor is a well-known travel website that offers in-depth and authentic information about hotels, restaurants, tourist locations, etc. to millions of people around the world. Check the pronounced use of blue color which denotes qualities like trustworthiness and dependability. The color reassures readers about the authenticity of the website.



Black adds a sense of luxury, value and authority. These emotions are reflected on the website of Lamborghini. The luxury car maker, Lamborghini is known the world over for its super-powerful, ultra-luxurious, high-end cars. The black color in the website signifies the authority and luxury this carmaker wields in its domain.

Here is the list of other colors and the emotions they trigger in viewers:

  • Yellow: Happy, Optimistic, Clarity
  • Orange: Friendly
  • Purple: Creative, Imaginative
  • Green: Peace, Tranquility
  • Gray: Reliable, Balance, Neutral


2. Text

If color is the personality of your website, then content is its voice. In an era where people prefer visual content over text, it is necessary that business owners use the right words in their content to catch the attention of readers.

But using the right words wouldn’t be enough if the right emotions are missing. So create content that makes readers laugh, feel inspired and encourages them to take the kind of action you want.

Use catchy headlines and allow your text to speak to your prospective customers. Give your visitors the feeling that whatever your textual content says is for them and them alone. It should have solutions for their problems and must be centered on their needs and requirements. This allows you to connect with them and build the trust that sees your business relationship blossom over time.

3. Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. So make it a point to use realistic images on your site. If images are relevant and have the potential to engage, they will definitely make an emotional impression on website visitors. Images are tethered with content; they support it by adding tone, facial expression, and body language to elicit emotional responses from visitors.

Emotive Appeal

Look at the above image. Doesn’t it evoke emotions like love, trust and dependability that polar bear cubs seek from their mother. The three faces say the entire story. Could you have evoked the same feeling in readers with text?

I think you know the answer to that question.

Images have an emotional pull.  They help readers get the right impression about you, your business, etc., in a quick, easy way.

4. Video

If you think images aren’t enough, then embed videos. Online businesses are not new to video marketing though it has taken off recently because marketers realized that a great video has the potential to dramatically increase conversions, purely on the brunt of their emotional connect.

The idea is to use videos as a way of improving website credibility. Remember, you are competing with big players in your domain; the emotional connect of videos guarantees people look at your business, its products and services favorably.

5. Illustrations

Illustrations have been around for ages and grown with us. They are wrapped in our memories and it is hard to fathom a story without illustrations.

This fact extends to web design too!

Illustrations help you tell a story and storytelling is a huge part of web design.

They provide a visual medium to grasp the problem, main point or the essence of a subject matter easily and retain strong memories of it. They convey intricate messages easily through infographics, maps, diagrams, symbols, cartoons and doodles.

The element of fun, fantasy and adventure in an “Illustrative” representation grabs attention and makes it memorable.


In this age of cut throat online marketing, you can leverage the magnetic power of emotions in your web design to attract and influence your readers, visitors or customers in a positive way. In the long run, this will improve the conversion rate of your website, increase lead generation and business profitability.